About the ST8 Light Beam Generator

What is the ST8?

The ST8 is the world’s first Scalar Transmatter oxygen-fed tissue detoxification system. This technology represents a “quantum leap” in expediting critical lymph stasis. It significantly reduces potentials for healing crisis by placing the oxygen-plus molecule directly at the lymph stasis target site, while avoiding the pitfalls of high voltage gas ionization. High voltage gas-ionizing units produce non-penetrating, surface ionization that may contribute to cytotoxicity at certain output levels requiring EPA monitoring.

As most new technologies, the ST8 grew out of a need to address critical health issues related to extreme metabolic stagnation. There was a need to make a unit that had portability, was noninvasive, and delivered the same potent help to lymph stasis as seen in most oxygen-fed systems.

How does the ST8 work?

The ST8 has been engineered to radiate a scalar quantum. It uses novel, noninvasive, noncytotoxic techniques coupled with an oxygen-feed system supported by eight imbedded functional processes. These processes incorporate components associated with scalar quantum producing equipment to include:

  1. frequency variation with high harmonic content
  2. pulse variance and repetition
  3. generation of electric and magnetic field cancellations
  4. fast rise-time wave forms
  5. the use of DC and RF low-amp power.

The ST8 creates an energy field providing transportation of energetic information and operates on similar principles of homeopathy. It incorporates a sweep generator, which sweeps all of the frequencies from 0 Hertz into the light wave frequencies, presenting a smorgasbord of harmonic resonance for cells to choose. Only frequencies needed by the cells are utilized. This frequency sweep provides the opportunity for cells to “tune up” to maximum potential as the cell’s field is energized. The ST8 works on both the cellular and energetic levels as follows…

…On the Cellular Level

The ST8 uses extremely low current cold gas light photons to transfer energy frequency patterns to the area of the cell providing an environment allowing the cell to correct its electromagnetic charge. This results in the cell balancing its field charge and disassociating itself from the binding agent responsible for the collection of water and pooling of protein within the affected area.

In the lymph system, protein interactions (bonding) are primarily electrical, as is the bonding of amino acids. As chains of amino acids organize, the identity of the protein molecule is determined by protein folding. The bonding mechanism that determines this structure of folding is purely electrical, based on the attraction of opposing polarities.

Protein structure in living, healthy tissue is always in a state of alignment. This is most evident in the connective tissue that holds the body together, where the alignment of collagen fibers is stable. However, protein structures break down as cells die or are damaged. These waste proteins are then removed by the lymph system. When these proteins are not fully removed by the lymph system, pathologies occur in the body.

These nonfunctional proteins have the same electrical properties of attraction, but as they organize, their structures are random. This is called a fibrotic condition of the interstitium (the area between living cells in connective tissue). The instability of nonfunctional proteins causes them to attract water and to hold it there by electrical bonding. This is called edema.

The ST8 creates separation of these randomly bonded proteins by presenting a flood of electrons compatible with the random protein structures. This provides for the release of the water they were holding. Healthy tissue protein structures do not attract water and are not affected by energy presented by the ST8. The beneficial photon field produced by the ST8 provides the cell with the opportunity to repel or separate from its cluster, allowing the therapist to work on more pliable tissue. Because the tissue is in a state of free flow, this is the ideal condition to effectively treat swollen tissue. With application of minimal or no massage drainage techniques, rapid movement of waste material occurs, with enhanced delivery of waste material to organs and nodes responsible for waste elimination.

…On the Energetic Level

The ST8, because it is working with the quantum scalar, adds information such as homeopathic or super-oxygenated oxygen, and like a homeopathic, delivers the “energetic signature” of the material to the cell for acceptance or rejection. Cells are selective, choosing the vibratory rate required to put them back in balance. Since the super-oxygenated oxygen is transmitted at an energetic level rather than at a material level, side effects become nonexistent as the information is introduced through the field. Like a homeopathic, there is a cause and an effect (benefit), yet no physical material is present; only an energetic signature of the physical material remains.

Over 20 years ago, the Max Planck Institute in Germany was injecting ozone into tumors of critical care patients who had little chance of living. As the tumor was injected, it turned to mush. The disease was devitalized, as it could not live in an oxygenated environment. As the same time, good cells were replenished and fed so that they rebuilt the immune system. The FDA examined the procedure and determined it produced free radicals that could be detrimental to the body. That was an understandable concern.

Remembering this premise, researchers took the idea of injecting ozone into the body. By combining it with quantum scalar, they could possibly carry the information energetically to the field and the body and present it at the cellular level. As a result, this noninvasive method of delivery did not create free radicals — it was within the quantum itself and balanced out and filled the information pathways that were needed for material structure. With the ST8, the energetic signature of the super-oxygenated oxygen is introduced at an energetic level, and healthy cells have the opportunity to return to normal state… armed with just the right amount of energetic information to bolster the immune system.

The super-oxygenated oxygen is not created from ambient air, as there could be particulates that adhere to the information of the oxygen produced. Therefore, pure oxygen from a tank is used. It is not circulated — if it were, it would carry information that is in the person’s mind field and recirculate that information to the field, not allowing the body’s resonance to change with the super-oxygenated oxygen information.

When coupling super-oxygenated oxygen with tissue detoxification and good medicine, the body has a grand opportunity to recover from many serious illnesses. Applied evidence supports the fact that extreme metabolic stagnation commences to disassociate upon presentation of the energy produced by the ST8 without any adverse side effects. After a short exposure, protein disassociation occurs and is easily processed by the ever flowing lymphatic system to be neutralized, reabsorbed, or passed to the liver or kidney for further processing. The remarkable ability of the ST8 is to eliminate most reactions described as the “healing crisis” associated with severe illness recovery. Healing crisis symptoms are often associated with toxic cellular dumping into the lymphatic system as evidenced in most protocols addressing this condition. The ST8 represents a good direction for medicine to take in the future.