I am not the typical customer. I had trouble believing in the health benefits that supposedly would be the result of colon hydrotherapy and I am quite bashful. I showed up about a month ago, overweight from bad eating habits, lack of exercise and a lot of stress. After 6 sessions I am 30 lbs lighter, the color is back in my face and I feel better. They are very discreet and now I go into a session and use meditation to let go of the work and issues that drive me there in the first place. I think you will shock yourself with the results which in my case were amazingly and remarkably quick. You have nothing to lose…well except what you don’t want in your body.

— Craig K., Rockville, MD

Robert Jordan completely changed (and saved) my life. When I first met Robert I was 70 pounds heavier. Robert patiently explained the benefits of unprocessed food versus the food I was consistently consuming. We discuss mediation as well which is an amazing tool for handling stress. Whenever I have an appointment, I literally pick his brain for all the information I can garner within that time. Robert is an outstanding individual whose first priority is helping his clients benefit from a healthy, disease-free lifestyle. I highly recommend Robert Jordan Health Services to anyone who is interested in improving their health and welfare.

— Donna M., Potomac, MD

I am so glad I found Robert Jordan and his health services. My shoulder and arm were in agony from acute tendonitis. I decided to take a chance on his Active Isolated Stretching technique. After the first visit I felt a great improvement and decided to come back. I kept coming and now my shoulder feels completely normal like I can do anything with it. He really cares about his work and puts everything into it. He also knows a lot about nutrition and digestion. He has a great partner named Isabel who is very helpful in their stretching workshops that they give every few weeks. I recommend them very strongly.

— Wendy S.

I highly recommend Robert Jordan’s Services. I’ve been doing colonics for the past few years due to my struggle with persistent yeast. It has made a huge difference in how I feel and the quality of life. Both Robert and Isabel are generous with information. I always learn more about living a healthier lifestyle after my sessions. This is the best decision I made, and it is worth the investment. In additional, they are affordable.

— Evva M., Rockville, MD

I have been going to Robert Jordan Health Services for approximately 2 years. Robert and Isabel are very knowledgeable about the services they offer and approach their offering of services with the mindset of educating their clients about total wellness. Since going to them, I have felt greater relief from joint pain as well as much better elimination. I wholeheartedly recommend Robert Jordan Health Services for the services it provides.

— Tiana B., Rockville, MD

I went to Robert for significant back pain.  He utilized an isolated stretching protocol to treat me and it has very much helped me.  He is great to work with as he is very motivational, professional, highly skilled and a very nice guy.  He also teaches you how to apply what techniques he uses on your own.  My wife also used Robert  on 2 separate occasions for shoulder and toe pain.  Both conditions were quite significant and no other practitioners helped very much.  Robert was able to relieve both of these problems in fairly short order.  My wife is an occupational therapist and holds Robert in the highest regard. We both highly recommend Robert Jordan!

— Mark Y., Highland, MD

I had a very painful knee condition (patella tendonitis). Several sessions of physical therapy followed by six months of prescribed exercises at home did very little good. I had three sessions of AIS with Robert and after a couple of weeks of daily stretching at home the tendonitis was completely gone. I just do the stretches about once a week now, and it has never returned.

— Margaret Wakeman, Washington DC

As a traveling sales representative for a number of west coast manufacturers, I drive approximately 40,000 miles per year in the Mid-Atlantic States of MD, VA, WV, and Washington DC. As a result, I have a long history of acute/chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain due to many hours behind the wheel of a car. The only consistent relief that I can point to is the care and treatment that I have received from Robert Jordan and his Myofascial Release Massage. I have been to many practitioners who give a relaxing fluff & buff massage, but for the therapeutic effect, Robert is in a league of his own.

— Clark Webb, Blacksburg VA

I was having severe digestive issues that were leaving me sick and incapacitated for hours at a time. I was experiencing ongoing dizziness, nausea, irregular breathing, chest pains, bloating, burps, hiccups, and discomfort/pain in the lower abdomen area. I went to several medical doctors and only received minor relief for some of the symptoms. When I called Robert Jordan he listened intently to my issues, spent over 30 minutes of his own time, and gave me great advice on how to deal with my digestive problems. I set up an appointment for a colonic irrigation. After just a couple colon hydrotherapy sessions, my symptoms improved dramatically. After six colon hydrotherapy sessions, my symptoms completely disappeared. Thanks to Robert Jordan, I now live a normal life again.

Robert gives his patients individual, personal attention. He is a great listener and tailors his program to my specific needs. He shares his vast knowledge about health issues with his clients and does everything possible to improve his client’s health. I highly recommend Robert Jordan for the health issues he specializes in.

— Joe H.

Hi Robert,

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken. I continue to do well in my recovery. I am about 95% back to full health and energy. Working full-time, running, etc. No relapses and it seems like the Lyme is fully gone. I wanted to thank you for all your support and guidance during my health crisis. Our relationship and work together was very important to me and contributed greatly to my recovery and spiritual growth.

— Mark


After the 1.5 hour hand session (myofascial release therapy) I had with you last month, followed by the great shoulder/neck workshop, my hands are doing quite well. I keep doing the exercises and they get better every day.

I really appreciate the work you do, especially because you offer a wholistic, non-surgical solution to pain. I have already mentioned you to several friends, and if pain strikes me again, I know who to call!

Take care,
— Matilda

I have suffered from chronic constipation since I was ten years old. I have been to numerous medical doctors, acupuncturists, and even other colon hydrotherapists, but it wasn’t until I found Robert that I found true relief.

Robert’s gentle open colon hydrotherapy system empowers the client to control the colon therapy procedure. He also empowers the client by teaching them skills of abdominal massage while the colonic is taking place. In addition, his information sharing on healthy eating is good reinforcement.

I came to Robert feeling tired, bloated, numb, irritable, anxious, depressed, and overall, as I like to call it, “toxic”. When I do a colon hydrotherapy session, I leave feeling renewed and reenergized. The rate of daily/weekly evacuation of my bowels not only increases after a colonic session but continues this way for a few weeks thereafter. With increased time devoted to an exercise program and continual reduction of stress in my life, I know improvement will be ongoing.

I have learned to live with my chronic constipation by managing it through monthly colonics. I don’t know where I’d be without Robert.

— Liz E.

A few nights ago I must have slept wrong because I woke up with a very sharp pinching pain in my shoulder blade when I turned my head. Each morning, the pain was worse until I couldn’t sleep at all — every time I moved the slightest bit, I would encounter sharp pain. I was exhausted from the pain and went to the doctor to get a muscle relaxer. Needless to say, the muscle relaxer didn’t really help; it just masked the problem. I came across a pamphlet for Robert Jordan Health Services in a coffee shop and the cover said “Are you in Pain?” I thought, “YES, I’m in pain” and decided to give him a call. I’ve never been one to try new things and usually just go to the regular “doctor” for everything. I wish I could have known about Robert Jordan Health Services years ago because I would have saved myself a lot of pain and money.

Robert fit me in right away and did a combination of stretches to get the blood and oxygen flowing to the contracted muscle. Once it had loosened up a bit, he did soft tissue release and pushed on various trigger points in my shoulder.

By the end of the session, the spasm in my shoulder released and I felt like I was as good as new. No more exhausting pain! Yesterday, I slept through the night. I am feeling great and energetic today.

Robert also taught me the stretches so I can do them on my own if I ever feel my muscles contracting like that again. Very helpful!

I would recommend Robert’s services to anyone sufferring from a muscle spasm or muscle pain. I didn’t realize quick fixes like this actually existed!

— Jennifer K.

Let me mention that I have suffered from Candida [(Candida albicans – a yeast overgrowth)] for the past four years. In an attempt to counteract this condition, I initiated the gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, and yeast free diet for a while. Initially, my condition started to improve, but it got to a point where I didn’t see continual gain. In fact, I noticed that it was getting worse. That’s when I decided to go to Robert Jordan Health Services LLC for colon hydrotherapy.

I started doing colon hydrotherapy sessions two months ago and continue to do so. This therapy is helping me a lot. Further, I have changed my diet to a raw food vegetarian diet, and I have also eliminated any kind of meat from my diet. Presently, I eat raw vegetables and juice them too while taking supplemental enzymes to help with digestion. From these experiences, I have gained a lot of energy and I feel wonderful. The Candida is not completely gone, but I am confident that in time it will be put back into balance as long as I stay disciplined and focused through the support system of Isabel and Robert.

In addition, I used to encounter a thrush coating on my tongue that required my brushing my teeth, especially my tongue, about three to four times a day. Moreover, I have had major body odor and used to carry a tube of deodorant with me at all times in my purse. I even had an extra one at work in case I would forget and leave it at home. Further, hypoglycemia plagued me such that I couldn’t work out or even play with my eighteen month old nephew without feeling lightheaded, dizzy, tired, and weak.

Thank goodness, all of the above mentioned problems are nonexistent, or almost nonexistent, as of today: The thrush has decreased and keeps decreasing. The body odor is normal now. Also, I only wear deodorant once a day, and I don’t even carry a spare one in my purse or need to have an extra tube at work. In like manner, I am no longer hypoglycemic and I’m happy to say that I work out every morning and feel refreshed, exuberant, and like a totally new person. I don’t feel despondent and hopeless as I had two months ago. Because of these positive changes, I truly believe that this is the right path for me. Also my skin has cleared up and has a nice natural glow about it. I have even lost some weight, although my intention for going raw was and still is not to lose weight, but to be healthy in body, mind, and soul.

Let me underscore that I’ve had to reexamine most of what I thought I knew about food/diet/nutrition and have had to reprogram myself to think differently especially when it comes to the raw food vegetarian diet and its benefits. You know, I feel like a child who has been taught a new way to eat and to think. I am happier than I’ve been in a long time and I feel grateful for having people like Isabel and Robert in my life.

— Nusaibah Wannyana

Dear Isabel and Robert:

I want to take a moment to thank you for delivering such an informative lecture about Colon Hydrotherapy on Wednesday, March 3, 2010, to the fifty  nurses, cardiovascular technicians, and support staff  at the Washington Hospital Center. The wealth of heart-felt information that you shared with our staff members was not only stimulating but also quite well received. This was witnessed by the enthusiastic questions that our staff members asked of you. Also, we would like to have you back soon to present another talk, perhaps on the topic of the “Benefits of Juicing Therapy and the Raw Foods Vegetarian Diet”.

Marilyn Brown
Lecture Coordinator
Washington Hospital Center
Cardiac Cath Lab

I recently had a hammertoe revision surgery and bunionectomy done on my right foot, and my surgical incision was not healing correctly. The Wednesday before I visited Robert Jordan, my podiatrist informed me that I was allergic to the dissolving stitches that were used on me and that the open sore on my foot would probably not heal for at least another month.

During my first session with Mr. Jordan, he advised me to do the Assisted Isolated Stretching exercise on right leg. I was very skeptical during and after the session because I didn’t believe that simply stretching my foot and leg for an hour would help me. To my amazement, within twenty-four hours, my open sore closed up.

I have since done two more stretching sessions with Mr. Jordan. I have seen my scar reduce in size, and the fluid that was surrounding the incision site completely disappear. I recommend anyone who has had a surgery to consult with Mr. Jordan regarding the therapies he offers.

— Shenelle W., RN, BSN 

I have been a long distance runner for the past five years but for the last twelve months I’ve suffered with a recurring pain in my right knee that has kept me off the road. I came to Robert hoping that he could determine what was causing my pain and provide me with some relief. From his extensive experience with “injuries” such as mine, Robert almost immediately concluded that it was a contracted lateral quadricep that had been putting stress on my petallar tendon. Not only did my pain disappear after our first session of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) but he empowered me with the knowledge to provide the treatment on myself.

I cannot thank Robert enough for giving me back my ability to run. There is nothing worse than being unable to do something you love. I also have to thank him for introducing me to AIS. It has proven to be both an effective rehabilitative as well as preventative therapy.

So now Robert, if only you’d write a book!! (hint..hint..)

— Kristen O’Neill, Licensed Massage Therapist

Recently, I had been involved in work related travel and was experiencing extreme wrist pain, probably the result of excessive use of my PDA and long hours at the computer. I found myself taking 800 mg of Advil as often as the label permitted. This wasn’t working; so, I called my orthopedist to schedule an appointment – the receptionist informed me that I’d have to wait a week for an appointment since there were no available openings till then.

After hanging up the phone, feeling somewhat disgruntled with the receptionist’s lack of understanding of the intensity of pain I was experiencing, I called a direct line to the doctor and was able to schedule an appointment for the following morning. Where upon, he gave me a cortisone injection, secured a brace onto my wrist, and told me to see him in a week.

I did this and upon my return I announced that my condition hadn’t really changed, that the pain was slightly less, but still quite severe. At this point, he prescribed a Medrol dose pack, and suggested that I see a neurologist to get a diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), and if that were so then surgery for CTS would be required to solve the problem.

Fortunately, my business partner had just returned from a therapy session with Robert Jordan, had gotten a brochure on Soft Tissue Release (STR), and suggested I review it. We discussed the success he had with Robert and the therapy that was done on his back to correct issues he was experiencing. So I decided to give Robert a call to set up an appointment for STR therapy.

Robert spent an hour and a half releasing muscle contracture from around the area of the carpel tunnel (wrist). After the first session I noticed a 70% improvement – I was able to stop wearing the brace immediately, discontinued the anti-inflammatory, and began practicing gentle-stretching-homework-exercises that Robert had taught me.

The second session, Robert had only an hour of his time to devote to me – we used it well – I noticed an 80 to 90% improvement, again without the use of a wrist brace or pain killers. After the third visit to Robert, I reported a 90% improvement in the condition. After the fourth session, I experienced a 100% improvement in wrist flexion and a 90% improvement in wrist extension. I must admit that I had forgotten to do the homework stretching exercises for wrist extension; so, I made a fifth appointment to correct that and now happily report that I am able to use a computer keyboard and mouse, play golf and am back at the gym lifting weights and doing quite well.

I thank Robert for his expertise with STR – he has helped me to avoid an unnecessary surgery and to live pain free.

— Marc Freedman, N. Potomac, Maryland

I had been experiencing extreme sinus congestion to the point of having to use up to two large boxes of Kleenex tissue paper a day to blow my nose. Since the condition wasn’t getting better on its own, I decided to give Robert a call to make an appointment for lymphatic drainage therapy to help unblock my sinuses. We did two 1-hour sessions using the Light Beam Generator and the ST-8 for lymphatic drainage. You know, after the second session I noticed that I no longer had to use any Kleenex. The runny nose problem that had plagued me for so long finally had cleared up.

Thank you, Robert, for your help in this matter.

— S.J.P., Bethesda, Maryland

The main benefit for me of Colon Hydrotherapy (CH) is the relief from constipation condition more so than any other remedy that I’ve tried in the past. I had suffered a stroke about eight years ago and I find that my blood pressure is lower (within the range of normal limits) since doing the CH sessions, i.e., more normal now than ever in my life – this is so without taking medications to control high blood pressure.

Had I known the positive effects of CH on the body, I certainly would have included a chapter on CH and its benefits in my publications on Homeopathy. Thank you so much for this therapy.

— Harris Coulter, PhD., author of numerous books on vaccination, Homeopathy, & medical history

As a public health student at George Washington University, I am interested in preventive medicine. I chose public health education instead of medical school because I see doctors help patients relieve their symptoms through mostly pharmaceutical drugs while normally disregarding the underlying cause of disease. A patient who regularly takes pharmaceuticals may only be suppressing warning signs of a growing health problem. Not only this, but pharmaceutical drugs are metabolized the same as any other foreign chemical to the body. The side effects are analogous to adverse effects of a toxin such as Lead. It is said that the benefits outweigh the risk, but what if you could heal yourself without this risk?

Robert Jordan’s treatments do not have adverse side effects. I have personally benefited from his nutritional information. I had been enduring allergic rhinitis and itchiness my whole life and taking medication for relief (even with drowsiness as a side effect). The medication never relieved all my symptoms, but this fall the medicine didn’t help at all. In desperation, I searched for another option. Now, I do not take medication for allergies at all. I feel more energetic and surprisingly happier too. Robert Jordan has studied how to be healthy. Just by talking to him, you realize he has a large breadth of knowledge and will share it in his modest way. I want to thank him for that. Unknowingly, he has directed me to a field of health I intend to pursue in my career. Thanks Robert.

— Laura Dice, MPH Candidate, GWU School of Public Health

Dear Robert,

Thank you so very much for the great care and professionalism, along with the incredible level of service with which you dealt with me throughout my entire treatment. You did your utmost to prepare me and make me feel comfortable with the colon hydrotherapy sessions.

The treatment itself did wonders for me. Before I started with you, I had rare and irregular bowel movements and a sense of general malaise and fatigue. After only five sessions, I now have regular daily bowel movements, have lost about six pounds, and am feeling much more energetic.

Thank you again for introducing me to this wonderful natural remedy.

— Ben T., Computer Consultant, Rockville MD

Robert has managed to combine 3 very important therapies  (massage therapy, lymphatic drainage therapy, and colon hydrotherapy) that hold an important role in the healing of the body. Robert is as skilled a practitioner as there is and as such I refer my toughest patients and family to him. Because I see so many very ill patients in my practice, it is nice to have a practitioner like Robert to refer my patients to when needed.

— Robert Johnson, DMD, ND, Director Natural Horizons Wellness Center

After a colon hydrotherpay session with Robert, I feel lighter, freer, healthier than ever. And the effects have continued to last. Combined with a 3 day fast, the colon hydrotherapy cleared my system of any remnants of the unhealthy choices I had made, and helped to guide me toward choosing healing and nutritious foods quite naturally. Gone are my sugar cravings! I feel invigorated and light, and I’m so grateful to Robert for his services!

— Laura Parris

I would highly recommend Robert Jordan Health Services LLC for sustainable long-term health improvement. I initially went to see Robert for a nagging neck and back problem which I had had for over 4 years. I had been to numerous physio-therapists and a chiropractor with limited to no success. Robert performed Myofascial Release therapy on me, and I could feel the relief after only one session. My condition has continually improved since and now I am pain free.

Robert Jordan has also been a tremendous help in helping me to obtain optimal overall health through improved nutrition, and colon hydrotherapy. Robert has helped me regain lost energy and mental clarity. I feel better overall. So thank you Robert for all your caring and knowledge.

— Roxane Teymourtash

While running I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my left hip. I was forced to stop running. After a 6-week break without exercising, I tried again, but after a few minutes the pain was still there.

I came to Robert Jordan and he treated my spastic muscle with Myofascial Release therapy. After three sessions, I was able to run without pain! I was so happy! I continue the stretching and my runs have become longer.

I can only recommend Robert Jordan. He shows you how to take care of your body.

— Daniela Reimann, Certified Aerobic Instructor, International Fitness Aerobic School, Switzerland

It is a sincere privilege to introduce Mr. Robert Jordan.

I have known Mr. Jordan for 11 years. The initial introduction was at a seminar instructing medical professionals in the science involving deep tissue named “Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method”.

Robert has an excellent background as an educator, achieving an undergraduate degree in elementary education and a masters degree as a learning disabilities specialist. In addition, Robert is a licensed massage therapist, very gifted in relieving pain and improving human performance. Since 2004, he has assisted me as an instructor at numerous seminars throughout the United States. He is teaching Active Isolated Stretching frequently, in addition to Yoga, dance and fitness classes.

In observing Robert during student instruction and patient treatment, it is apparent that he possesses unusual talent. He has excellent listening ability. Robert has great consciousness, evaluating the situation very thoroughly before making a decision. He is a very compassionate man with consistent concern for people. Having observed Robert Jordan for years in therapy clinics, teaching hundreds of students of various backgrounds and performing the “Mattes Method” on various subjects, he consistently demonstrates that he is a gifted performer.

Robert has mastered the “Mattes Method” and rates among the top students ever produced. It is without reservation that I recommend Robert Jordan as a teacher-therapist of Active Isolated Stretching.

Aaron L. Mattes
Founder and Developer of AIS (Active Isolated Stretching)

I have been seeing Robert Jordan for a number of years and I’d like to share with you how the quality of my life has changed dramatically. For 25 years I was only able to have bowel movements after taking laxatives. I started with two pills, then built up to 6 tablets every night at bedtime. My stool was usually hard and, even with the laxatives, I was able to go only once every two days on average.

After consulting with Robert Jordan about the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, I decided to try the procedure. Because of the condition of my colon, I had about 25 sessions before I was able to switch to a maintenance program. I now have bowel movements two to three times a day! I feel lighter and less toxic. The equipment used at Robert Jordan Health Services is a vast improvement over my previous colon hydrotherapist’s, in that it didn’t just flush my colon passively. I had to bear down and in that process I was able to strengthen the muscles used for evacuation. I truly feel like a new person and would highly recommend Robert Jordan Health Services to any one whom I care about.

— BMC, College Park, MD

I went into this experience with trepidation. I had heard from friends who had tried it that it “did not hurt”, that they “felt so light and clean” afterward. I wanted to experience that too.

On my first visit with Robert I walked in the door telling him, “I’m so nervous!” He just smiled and said “You’ll be fine, don’t worry!”

We sat down in front of the fancy machine and a big color diagram of the colon. Robert spoke to me about the machines, how it worked, and the colon (and how IT works). He explained how I would arrange myself on the cushioned table and then ring a bell once I had a towel over me. He left me to it, and soon enough I was comfortably lying down, and ringing the bell.

Once the water was flowing, we started to chat, and chat. Soon I was laughing and completely at ease listening to stories of Robert’s love of the study and practice of healing. Who knew that a colonic could be fun!

I did leave floating, the way I feel after a good massage, relaxed and in good spirits. The education about the inside of my body has helped me to be more conscious of the nourishment I am putting in it. I want the “joy that comes from good health” that Robert spoke of. And I know I’m on my way to a fuller life with the new respect I feel for my body.

Thank you and

May the water flow!

— C.


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your treatment during the Legg Mason event in Washington. It is very difficult for me to find good knowledge of the body and the correct way to prepare the body on the road because I am always in new cities.

I benefited from your work on my body. I was very impressed with your knowledge of the body. The Active Isolated Stretching helps me perform better and helps my body recover faster.

Thank you again for your support and for working on me. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Graydon Oliver
Illinois Scholar-Athlete of the Year
NCAA Tennis Doubles Champion
ATP Tennis Pro

It’s nice to wake up in the morning and not feel miserable like your whole body is attacking you with pain. This is so since I’ve been coming to Robert Jordan for Active Isolated Stretching (myofascial release) therapy. Before, when I’d wake up, the joints in my fingers would hurt; there was sharp pain in the area of my neck, also problems (pain) in hips, knees, and feet.

After having seen Robert for about half a dozen sessions, I find that I’m able to stay at the computer for lengthy periods of time without experiencing any pain in the neck region; in fact, the last couple of days I’ve been able to wake up and actually feel happy simply because I haven’t felt any pain in my body as I normally had felt on an ongoing, daily basis.

Thank you Robert for this relief; your therapy really works for me.

— Charles B. Duerr

After visiting Robert Jordan I feel healthy, free of pain, and back on track with my life. For 5 years I suffered from horrible constipation. I tried laxatives, fiber, and medications prescribed by gastroenterologists. None of these remedies ever brought relief, perhaps because they never sought to treat the cause of the problem. Robert Jordan brought to my attention the value of fresh raw food in my diet, daily exercise, and colon hydrotherapy. Before I visited Robert I was terribly bloated, constipated, and miserable. Raw food, daily exercise, and colon hydrotherapy were not addressed by my doctors. I was told I would have to spend the rest of my life living in agony!

No more agony for me! Today, I am free of abdominal pain and have regular bowel movements after changing my lifestyle and receiving colon hydrotherapy. I had to make huge changes in my lifestyle, and those dramatic changes led to dramatic results. Colon hydrotherapy was safe, effective, and allowed me to have regular bowel movements. The ‘open system’ machine allowed me to strengthen the muscles of my lower intestine until I needed colon hydrotherapy less and less often.

What is even more impressive is the all the energy and enthusiasm I have for life after having changed what I put into my body. Also, having relieved my body of the buildup of toxins. I feel more strong, healthy, focused, and peaceful. These were totally unanticipated results. I never imagined I could feel this good again. I am deeply grateful to Robert Jordan and colon hydrotherapy.

— Sola Power

It seems to have more of a lasting effect than the other therapies. It’s kind of a delayed relaxation response over a period of two or three days. The muscles gradually melt; they loosen up. It seems to be systemic: when you do my abdomen, my back loosens up three days later.

I work at a computer and had problems with my back, neck, and arms. I do stretching every now and then, but the Dr. Vodder system of Manual Lymph Drainage helps more.

— KB

Hi Robert,

I’d be happy to provide a testimony for you. I wanted to try colon hydrotherapy for my son who has been suffering from constipation since the age of four. He is now seven and a half years old and has been unable to have a bowel movement without the aid of suppositories or laxatives. I am now a firm believer in colon hydrotherapy after witnessing a miraculous event in the treatment for my son. My son was “backed” up for days with a huge colonic mass that I saw pass from him, what seemed, three and a half feet long and as thick as the walls of the view tube (2 inches in diameter).Thanks to Robert Jordan, my son is much happier and “lighter.” My son had a favorable treatment and asserts that he has never felt better and would like to continue this type of therapy monthly! He acknowledged that the warm water felt so good. Thank you again, Robert Jordan for your professionalism, knowledge, expertise, compassion and sensitivity.

— LS

I have been working with Robert Jordan now for almost two years. I first went to him for deep tissue massage, but soon switched to Assisted Isolated Stretching (AIS) and colon hydrotherapy once I understood their benefits. I have been very pleased with the impact that these therapies have had on my health.

In the 1980s, I underwent three lower back surgeries. Even though I took care to exercise-mainly biking, hiking, and yoga, I seemed prone to injury, often requiring weeks of rest and rehabilitation. Presently, I seem much less susceptible to such injuries and am amazed with my increased flexibility and strength. For example, several weeks ago, I participated in a 70-mile bike ride to benefit the American Cancer Society-something I never thought I could do. Not only was I able to complete the grueling ride but I had no soreness or fatigue in the days that followed. I attribute this to AIS.

As a 62-year-old man, I’m amazed at my health, energy, and activity levels. I feel great and am preparing for another long-distance ride in October. I eat and sleep better, and have lost about 15 pounds in the last two years. Robert certainly motivates you to have a healthier lifestyle.

I’m very pleased to offer this testimonial for him and his services.

— Bill Nickel, Former World Bank Economist