Reflexology is a technique of manipulating the feet in order to improve circulation, ease pain, and increase relaxation in the body.

Reflexology is based on the theory that all body parts, organs and glands are associated with specific areas, called reflex zones, in the feet, hands, ears and surface of the skin. By manipulating the associated zone, changes can be effected in the corresponding body part.

The feet have a large concentration of nerve endings and are therefore particularly sensitive; in addition, they are easier to grasp for firm, focused manipulation.

Consequently, reflexology treatments generally concentrate on the feet.

Benefits of reflexology

As has been mentioned, reflexology achieves its healing effects by improving circulation and increasing relaxation.

It is particularly recommended for stress related disorders, such as low back pain, chronic indigestion, headaches and high blood pressure.

It is also considered favorable for use with emotional disorders, such as addictive behavior, sexual dysfunction and overeating.

Recipients often report feeling more alert, creative and vital.