What happens during your colon hydrotherapy session

When you arrive, the certified colon therapist will greet you and ask you to fill out a client health history form. You will also be asked what you hope to accomplish from the session(s). You will then be escorted to the colon hydrotherapy room.

Expect your first session to take about two hours. Subsequent sessions last roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The colon therapist will explain to you how to position yourself onto the colonic table and answer any questions you might have before the procedure begins. The therapist will leave the room while you, the client, privately undress from the waist down, position yourself on the form-fitted table, gently insert the lubricated sterile disposable LIBBE rectal tube, and cover yourself with the provided towel. The rectal tube will only insert 2 to 3 inches into the rectum, just past the internal sphincter muscle.

When you are ready, the therapist will enter the room to get you started, instruct, monitor, and be available to assist you as needed during the 45-minute to 1 hour session. Abdominal massage, hand and foot reflexology, pressure point release, and energy work are also incorporated when needed during the session.

Safe, purified, temperature-controlled water flows in through the rectal tube and into your colon. When you feel the need to release, the rectal tube will move to one side of the rectum and allow the softened feces to flow out, down the drain into the base of the LIBBE passing through a 2-inch clear viewing tube which is connected to the sewer system. An odor exhaust system insures that the area remains odor-free.

Clean up is easy for the client. After each session, the LIBBE is cleaned and disinfected and is ready for the next client.