Basic Diet Plan

“What we think and what we eat — combined together — make us what we are physically and mentally.”

Follow the Basic Diet Plan and proper food combining for optimum health.

Group 1:

80% of your daily food intake should consist of foods from this group of alkaline foods (4 out of 5 average helpings)

  • fresh fruits: all kinds
  • below-the-ground vegetables (1 below to 3 above)
  • aboveground vegetables (include a variety of green and yellow ones)
  • beverages: 8 glasses of water daily, herb tea, fresh juices

Group 2:

20% of your daily food intake should consist of foods from this group

  • breads: whole grain, pumpernickel, black, rye, rye crackers
  • dairy products: dry milk, buttermilk, skim milk, yogurt,
    raw milk, butter
  • nut butters
  • meats: fish, fowl, lamb, game (2-3 times/week)
  • nuts: especially almonds, filberts, cashews
  • soups
  • olive and peanut oils (in small amounts)
  • foods prepared with gelatin
  • cereal: whole-grain, cooked or dry, wheat germ, shredded wheat, all-bran

Group 3:

no more than three times a week

  • whole grain rice
  • stored or transported produce
  • desserts: ice cream, custards, cooked fruits, puddings in moderation
  • eggs: mainly the yolks
  • cheeses: soft varieties, cottage, ricotta, cream, etc.
  • white potatoes: skin and outer portion only
  • small amounts of red wine with dark breads
  • honey with the comb (sparingly)
  • starchy foods
  • sweeteners: (sparingly) saccharine, beet sugar, maple sugar, all preferred to cane sugar.

Group 4:

avoid these foods

  • pickled foods, white vinegar
  • alcohol, especially beer
  • combining proteins, starches, sugar at the same meal
  • processed foods: TV dinners, etc.
  • pork, except occasional crisp bacon
  • spices, condiments (sparingly)
  • candy, cakes, pastries
  • beef, except as beef juice
  • sugar coated cereals
  • refined products: white flour, white bread, pastas, white sugar
  • carbonated beverages
  • benzoate of soda (as a preservative)
  • any fried foods

Menu Samples


citrus fruit or cereal with milk (do not combine these at the same meal), coddled eggs, whole wheat toast


RAW leafy combination salad with oil or mayonnaise dressing and/or vegetable soup, whole grain bread and butter


Meat: fish, fowl or lamb, cooked vegetables (include a variety of above- and below-ground, green, and yellow), occasional desserts, avoid beverages with meals