About the “Healing Crisis”

It is important for you to understand that during colon hydrotherapy there is an experience known as the “healing crisis.” Toxic residues which have been retained in the body must be released and removed by the tissue systems of the body. Often this creates an uncomfortable experience.

As the cleansing begins, it is possible that periodic aches and pains can occur in the areas where the cleansing action is most acute and where waste is leaving the elimination system. The sooner the discomfort is felt, the better the elimination of toxins will be. This means that the healing process is underway.

Do not expect lifetime accumulations packed into the system to be miraculously flushed out of the organs and tissues in one visit. It will take time! You may experience high and low days. But, by learning how to take care of your body through cleansing, nutrition, and exercise, your body will be brought into an harmonious balance.

Colon hydrotherapy rejuvenates every cell of the body. It releases toxins, cleanses the blood, empowers the immune system, and restores the pH balance in the body. This process will make you feel alive with a new life force.