About our Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment

There are two types of systems: the open system and the closed system. We use the open system, called the LIBBE. The comfortable, form-fitted table on which the client rests has a basin set into it. The equipment is plumbed to the sewer system from the bottom of the basin.

The client’s hips are comfortably positioned at the edge of the basin so intestinal waste will fall easily into it. An odor exhaust system insures that the area remains odor free. Water flows from a tank gravity system set in a cabinet on the wall alongside the table. Temperature-controlled water flows through a carbon filter which removes sediment, rust, and chlorine then goes into the water tank. The water is then pumped up into the water column.

The water flow from the gravity-fed column is controlled by a flow control knob which is operated by either the therapist or recipient. The water is purified by an ultraviolet light filter before it passes through the rectal tube and gently into the client. Less than 6 gallons of water may be used during the session at a safe controlled temperature of 98 to 102 degrees. The water temperature may be adjusted lower or higher during the session. Tubing connects the tank with a rectal tube that is the size of a pencil.

The equipment is designed so that the certified therapist or the client may administer the session. The LIBBE colon hydrotherapy device is FDA-registered and approved and is used safely with great ease, comfort, and effectiveness. The rectal tubes are sterile and are disposed of after use.