List of mucoid-forming foods

The foods here are listed in order of the intensity of their mucoid-forming properties. Note that meats and dairy products are very high, while grains and sprouts are low-mucoid-forming.

High > Low

  • Dairy products
  • pasteurized or raw cow’s milk but not raw goat’s milk, butter, cheese cream, yogurt, kefir, whey
  • Flesh foods
  • meat, fish, eggs
  • Soybeans
  • tofu, soy milk
  • Other legumes
  • dry beans, lentils, dry peas
  • Buckwheat
  • grain, flour, cereal
  • Seeds and nuts
  • sunflower, sesame, pumpkin seeds, all nuts
  • sprouts
    • The longer the sprouting time, the lower the mucoid-forming activity. Bean and pea sprouts are totally non-mucoid-forming after 3 to 4 days sprouting time; grains, buckwheat, and soy are non-mucoid-forming after 6 days.
  • Honey
    • Mucoid-forming activity depends on source of honey; all honeys are low in mucoid-forming activity, except for eucalyptus honey, which is relatively high.

Non-mucoid-forming foods

  • Vegetables and fruits
    • Completely non-mucoid-forming, except for gas-ripened and sulfured dried fruits, which are high in mucoid-forming-activity.